As Harman Automatic Shutter Systems, automatic door shutter products are produced in different forms and sizes in our factory.
Shutter profile extrusion machines are produced according to profiles in widths of 80 mm 90 mm 114mm 120 mm 130 mm and thicknesses of 0.8 mm and 1.2 mm series.

Line arrangement: It consists of a roll opener with a carrying capacity of 1500 kg, a 10 - 12 station RollFom machine, an adjustable cutting system and a stacking stand. Our machine can be produced in any desired size without any length limitation.
Micro Perforated Shutter Production

Our coil drilling line consists of a roll opener, servo drive, press, mold and coiler.
Our perforated roll form material can be produced in the desired profile feature in our Roll Form line.